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Adventure for everyone since 1998
I grew up in Vernon and was always out exploring the trails and waterways. I loved spending time outside in the wild but most of my friends at the time didn't so I went alone.

I still remember my first solo camping trip, around age 17. I drove up to one of the mountain lakes around Vernon, arriving after dark and packed my supplies into my canoe. Nearby a group of car campers were partying it up, laughing and drinking by a roaring fire. It looked inviting but I was after a more serence experience. I was filled with the urge to test myself, explore my limits.

This continued for several years and then in 1997 I saw a TV show depicting the EcoChallenge held in BC in 1996. 4 person teams working through a self guided yet punishing wilderness course on foot, bike and boat. WOW!

I loved the idea but had no one to join me.

Back in the 90's the internet was a relatively new thing, Google and facebook did not yet exist and the magic with the world wide web was just developing. I was always interested in technology so I dove into web development and tried to figure out how to build a website from scratch.

Around 1998 the Ecospirit Adventure Club was created as an outlet for people who enjoyed the outdoors and wanted to connect with a community of like minded people.

The club has always been free to join and participate, I wanted no barriers. Anyone can post their adventure ideas to the calendar and invite others to join them.
​​In the decade and a half since we have created hundreds of events for a few thousand participants. We have participated in and created our own adventure races. Multi day trips, short trips, soocial evenings etc.

We have traveled across BC, YT, AB and the USA on bike, foot and boat.

Today we have over 4000 members on our Meetup group and continue to explore wild places around us.

Sign up and join or post an event today!

Welcome to Ecospirit.

Murray Comley, Founder